The First Parts Purchased

When first purchased in March, 2000 it was known as The Beast. Later it would be named the Buggie, but it was often referred to as The Zipper Jeep because I kept changing my mind with upgrades and different ideas.

The Willy's origin is totally unknown. It was registered in Ohio as a 1956 Willys Jeep when I first saw it. It could be best described as a 1956 CJ5 with CJ3A body. I have described it using many adjectives since then but none close to a CJ3A. According to the serial numbers it is officially a 1956 Willies CJ5 Jeep Universal . The frame was pretty sad, the steering positively scary, the body so rusted that only duct tape and chewing gum was holding it together. I was scared to hit a bump trailering it home for fear it would totally fall apart. Brakes - well they could loosely be called brakes, the basic components were there and they probably would work with a lot of effort. It was easier however, to jump out, run in front of the Jeep and throw your body in front of it to make it stop. It's a quick way to loose friends. It also doesn't work if the Jeep is going backwards.

But, it did have redeeming features. Dana 44's front and rear from an International Scout. A Chevy 305 V8 with a T-18 4 speed with super low gearing and a Dana 20 transfer case. It also had a brand new set of 35" x 15.5 x 15 Interco Swamper SX-TSLs.


First Job was to get it registered in Illinois. If the title was no good than I would need another Flattie. The fine State of Illinois came through. It lost the word Jeep from the title but a title is a title.

1975 CJ5

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