All dressed up and nowhere to go

All dressed up and nowhere to go. Winter boredom and getting her ready for a planned wheeling trip to Easter Jeep Safari 2018 and the unofficial, official Friday Flat Fender Run. But......, High blood pressure nixed that, so here it sits. I was tired of the chrome instrument bevels so they, along with the heater and steering column got the olive drab treatment. 

While I had the spray cans out I re-painted the bumpers, tire carrier, winch, frame and rocker guards.

I replaced the fairly heavy steel gear rack and replaced it with a replica WW2 75mm Howitzer shell box and a couple of genuine WW2 30 mm ammo cans. 

I dumped the Powertank air tank in favor of a smaller, lighter air compressor. The Powertank has been great for 18 years but not enough air for 7 days of wheeling in Moab.

The State of Illinois did not like my old beat up license plates so they made me get new ones. Damn nuisance.

Now just waiting for a new wheeling trip.

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