Colorado 2014

Hammer down Colorado Tour 2014. Drive 1,200 miles non-stop towing the LJ on a trailer. Crash for the night in Leadville, up at the crack of dawn. Grab some crappy Motel Super 8 choke and puke breakfast, a Subway foot long for lunch and hit the trails. Repeat for 4 days and then hammer down home, non-stop for another 1,200 miles which as usual feels like it takes twice as long.

We hit 10 trails and passes in 4 days. 

Mosquito Pass Trail - The highest pass road in Colorado open to travel with a 13,185 foot summit.

Weston Pass Trail - A pleasant return trail with a 11,921 foot summit.

Grizzly Lake Trail - Pure Colorado beauty.

Iron Chest Mine - Classic hard core trail with extensive boulder fields.

Pomeroy Lakes Trail - A nice pleasant drive in the mountains unless you take the slippery, treacherous off camber side trail to nowhere just above the Mary Murphy Mine which can scare the hell out of someone if you are not paying attention.

Hancock PassAlpine Tunnel - An education in amazing mountain railroad building.

Holy Cross Trail - One of the most popular hard core trails in Colorado.

Williams Pass Trail - A muddy, rocky and narrow trail that is open in August only

Half Moon Creek Trail - Awesome Colorado with an amazing 75 plus Elk herd.

End of a great driveabout - 3:00am - Check engine light flashing on the Caddy and bearing grease spewing from one of the trailer wheels but she got us home safe and sound 

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