This is a photo gallery of the 800 square foot addition to our home at 28W117. The remodel will include an 800 sq. ft. expansion of our family room and kitchen, two covered porches, a remodeled kitchen with all new cabinetry and appliances, a remodeled master bathroom, and new stamped concrete patio.  The project will start on March 27th and is scheduled to be completed by the end of July 2004.


Phase 1 - Ground Preparation

March 27th - Day 1


Phase 2 - The foundation

May 27th - Day 60


Phase 3 - "Rough" Framing

July 23rd - Day 116


Phase 4 - "Finish" Framing

August 30th - Day 153 - Completion date plus 33 days




Phase 5 - Dry Wall and more

October 17th - Day 200 - Completion date plus 80 days

(No picture because nothing has happened outside besides the leaves falling from the trees)

Phase 6 - Paint / Counters

December 17th - Day 261 - Completion date plus 141 days

Phase 7 - Last Bits

January 30th, 2005 - Day 305 - Completion date plus 185 days

Phase 8 - Landscaping

April 4th 30th, 2005 - Day 370 - Completion date plus who the heck cares - it's Spring again

August 1st, 2005 - The outside is done for this year

(Just for the record the inside is still not finished. It's about 99% done but we are still waiting, and waiting , and waiting.  Melissa left the bath tub running for a few hours and that flooded the bathroom, then the ceiling, then the family room floor. We have just had the ceiling and floor replaced by the insurance company and are back to dusting and moving furniture for the hundred's time)

Phase 9 - Professionals to the rescue