Phase 8 - Landscaping


April 4th, 2005 - The start of the landscaping by Twin Oaks Landscaping. We are excited to think that our backyard will be converted from a mud patch to a garden again.



Five semi loads of wall blocks, 2 semi loads of gravel, 1 semi load of sand, 1 Bobcat, many power tools and a lot of workers.


Many more loads of gravel and blocks and a lot of hard work.



April 8th - New septic tank installed and work continues at a fevered pace.


April 9th, 2005 - Start of the interlocking pavers.

April 10th Day Off

April 11th forgot to take pictures

April 12th Rain Day

April 13th Mud Day


April 14th - Back at it and cooking with gas.


April 16th Saturday overtime started at 7:30am and worked until 4:00pm non stop.


April 19th - 7.30am getting close to the end


April 20th - Our neighbor Gerry B. in his usual supervisory position


April 20th - 6.15pm - 99% finished - The hardest working crew I have ever known. Always on time, never stopping for any breaks, never complaining, just great workers - Armando Gomez (Foreman), Luis Garcia, Juan Manual Lopez, Omar Contreras, Manuel Rosillo and Primitivo Mendiola.

Summer 2005 - A lot of return visits by the landscapers to fix odd details and to add a few plants, shrubs and bushes. Julie broke the bank with the patio furniture, seat covers and the Jacuzzi, but hopefully we are about done with the outside for this year.