Phase 5 - Drywall and more



October 17th - 11.34am - The dry wallers said they would be done in just one day. Six guys to drywall, tape, mud and paint in a day. They didn't show up for two weeks, then took two weeks to do the job, and finally promised to be back in two weeks to paint. You just have to love that kitchen, amazingly, but to no one's surprise it will get worse. It is like living in a dust storm, there is no escape from the dust from ripping up the old tiles and the drywall work.


Adding the texture to the ceilings and the walls


New tiles now installed - third pictures shows some of the kitchen cabinets in place. The tile guys took five days to do a two day job. It didn't help that they went home with paint in their hair and on their clothes. I seem to remember someone telling us the job would be done by July 27th, then September 27th and then before Shawn's 18th birthday. Guess what??


Kitchen cabinets delivered


Stove now re-located to the dining room, sink and microwave to the garage. Somewhat fun watching Julie walk around the house to warm up Shawn's supper.

October 24th - 8.34pm - My favorite view of the remodeling process - our house at night!!


October 29th - 5.45pm - Cabinets in place, lights not quite in place, waiting for the granite guy to measure for the counter tops. - Julie is all excited!!

October 31st - 8.15pm - Our new front door being blocked by a Spider Witch


November 17th - 8.26am - Mighty hard to make oatmeal when most of your living room furniture including a 72" big screen TV is shoved into your kitchen. "But it's only for a 3 or 4 days!". Eight days later and no end in immediate sight, the oatmeal is still hard to make but at least we have a "finished" floor. The new floor resembles the rocky mountains but with enough furniture and carpets most people will not trip over the uneven planks.


Phase 6 - Paint