Phase 6 - Paint / Counters


It's been a month since the last update - I was in the UK for a couple of weeks and have since been too aggravated with the house to do any updates. However, "She who must be obeyed" ordered the update so here it is. I didn't bother with the outside because the picture has not changed with the exception of a little bit of snow.


November 24th - The counters arrive - I have to think they are quite heavy judging by the expressions on the five men that it took to move the island piece.


December 11th - The Hubbard Banquet Room is just about finished. Now all we need is furniture and a bunch of Hubbards to fill it. The picture on the right is Christmas morning before the Hubbard hoards arrive .

The new panoramic windows offer a great view of the back yard and pool. This is Sneakers throwing up after eating something dead in the garden.


December 16th, - The first couple of photos I'm trying to show the under-counter lights. The granite counters are in. The support column is taking shape and most of the crown moldings are finished on the Romar cabinets. If Julie had got her butt in gear we might have had the tiles in place behind the cook top. The small wall and second support column has not been finished. The "bar" stools from our basement are just perfect but are too tall. Anyone know where we can get the same thing in kitchen counter height? The family room is back together somewhat. If you look carefully there is Julie with her feet up watching the TV while she is brutally forcing me to take pictures and update this site.

December 17th, 2004 - The day that the job would be completely done or so he said on November 24th. A mere 141 days late - just minor technical details!!  Will he make it? Not a bloody chance - I'm still holding out for Easter!!!!!


December 26th - The outside has changed a bit, just no leaves on the trees.


He did a fine job on the pillars. Julie and everyone else seems to like them but I think they are too big. Good for holding up the Roman Coliseum or propping up the Eiffel Tower. Personally, I think a set a soccer goal posts and a net would have done the job a lot cheaper.


We widened the entrance to the dining room and added another pillar, and a short wall for a reason that Julie is keeping a secret.


Just about a finished kitchen. Again, we are still waiting for Julie to pick out some damn tile behind the stove top. Too busy playing soccer and shopping for other equally useless items like baskets which will be another Julie story.

1. 2. 3.  4.  5. 6.      

1. Viking cook top with pan drawers. 2. The new pantry -way bigger than the old one but just as full. 3. Julie's famous double drawer beverage refrigerator from Slovenia. 4. Double drawer dish washer from New Zealand. 5. Double drawer over with warming tray. 6. The 8 gazzilion and 28 cubic feet Sub-Zero Refrigerator from Wisconsin.

Most of the Hubbard Grandchildren on Christmas Day. I think were are missing 7 or 8 of the little buggars.

Shawn, Melissa, Trista and Sneakers Christmas day at 1.27am in the morning after getting back from one really long Christmas Mass.

 ................... And, no it's still not finished. It's still a race with Julie's brother who is building a really big house he started after we did and he is nearly finished.


Phase 7 - Last Bits