Suzuki Samurai Tin Top

For years I have followed the local boys in their Zuks going everywhere and anywhere they pleased and usually showing up much bigger, more powerful and usually better  equipped vehicles. I had been chided into buying one myself but absolutely refused to be seen driving a rice burner when I had a perfectly good Willys to drive. However, the Willys was a might cold in the Winter and you wore most of the mud the tires throw in the crap hole of an local off-road park we generally wheel at. The trails are pretty gnarly and body damage is a regular occurrence if you don't have an exo-cage.

I had asked everyone to keep their eyes open for a decent Tin Top and sure enough one came along that was pretty decent. We added some new beadlocks and 37" Boggers, a Warn M8000 winch and some extra cage parts and we were off. It didn't too long before we were improving the Zuk replacing alternators, shocks, springs, steering parts but that's wheeling for you.

and..... Would you believe it........  It is the best darned off-road vehicle I have ever driven. It goes just about everywhere it is pointed.

Somewhere along the line it was re-named the Donkey Dick, maybe because of the stinger - who knows but the name has stuck.